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Lottery Scratchers

Lottery scratch cards, also known as scratchers, are extremely popular all around the world. Although lotto is most definitely the most played game, scratchers do not fall far behind. Besides playing scratchers is much more fun and you have a lot better chance of winning than in traditional lottery games.

Online lottery scratchers

Now, or for the past couple of years to be more precise, lottery scratchers have been available online, bringing huge variety of games that is simply impossible to accomplish in the "real world". These virtual scratchers, as some may call them, are unique in many ways. One huge difference to the common scratch-cards is that the games you play online, can and often do offer much better odds and absolutely phenomenal prizes!

Top prizes at online scratchers

One of the best if not The Best online scratchers website is There you can play over 70+ fantastic games all with huge prizes and unique & fun themes. With the games offered at CrazyScratch you can win up to 200.000 dollars, pounds or euro, depending on your selected currency. The top prize at Crazy Scratch is 1 Million (dollars, pounds or euro) and it can be won at 2 games! To compete for this Mega-prize you only need to set the bet of the game to 2 of your selected currency. This fantastic top prize, that will make you a millionaire in an instant can be won at 2 games: 3WOW scratch card and a completely new Super 3WOW , both of these games can be categorized as a traditional scratchers as they are as basic as scratchers come; Scratch & find 3 identical amounts to win the prize. To win the mentioned 1 Million all you need to do is find 3 Clover Leafs in one single 3WOW card.

Easy and safe lottery scratcher games

Playing scratcher games is a great way to spend some time. Unlike most online games, online scratchcards offer a very easy, simple and really fun games from which you can actually WIN money instead losing it to some silly rules. All you need to decide is the price of the scratcher you want to buy and click play-button! By finding your way here, to it is safe to assume that you are actually looking for scratchers to play. We suggest you to try, just by registering a real money account you will receive £5 instantly to try all their games for real cash without using any of your own money! Furthermore CrazyScratch is 100% safe and is regulated & licensed in Malta by Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA). To put it bluntly, it is simply the best choice if you are looking for some easy, safe and fun games online.

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